Rants about incompetence, sometimes delivered via e-mail

Hey there!

I am a nice guy (I swear) but sometimes I run into people who make me rage. I send them very offensive e-mails that express my feelings about (typically) their code (I guess at some point I'll get mad about something other too but so far it's been only code) and themselves (if I hate your work so much to bother e-mailing you, then you are probably producing crap consistently enough for me to hate you as a person).

Wall of shame

Robert J. Traister - for writing this utter piece of garbage. If you know how to reach this fucker or group of absolute shitheads, let me know. One should not be able to get away with publishing a completely wrong and dangerous book like this.

Quick rants

2018-12-19 - Dyntards 1

2018-12-12 - Javascript 1 - this doesn't have much substance, I just wanted to yell at someone, unfortunately I surround myself with smart people so I didn't have any idiots handy to yell at in person

About me

I don't necessarily want everyone to know I made this website. If you somehow figured out who I am (without me bragging to you about it and/or my hatemailing habits), let me know, I am curious how.